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Introduction and Company's Privacy Policy

Mr. Tech Guy is an I.T. professional from New Jersey, U.S.
He graduated at Western Governers University and completed his degree in Information Technology in Bachelor Science.
He is specialized in providing services such as Network and many others. exists in order for Mr. Tech Guy to provide those services which Business owners and individuals request.
Mr. Tech Guy is the owner of . has a Privacy Policy
These important rules are stated in this policy:
We do NOT keep your personal information and data in our servers.
Keeping your personal information and data is against our company's values and vision.
Also, the company does NOT wish to be responsible in case of emergency and unexpected events for the loose of your important personal data. In other words, does NOT store, keep and perform similar actions for your personal information and data.

However, we keep necessary personal information if you demand Mr. Tech Guy's monthly or yearly services.
These personal information and data will be used as long as you demand them for that purpose.
Except in such a situation, your personal information such as how you make a payment will NOT be kept after each transition. We understand your concerns on your privacy and personal information. And We are willing to help you.

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Terms of Use

This company and website is the property of Mr. Tech Guy. You can reach the owner for your business requests and free consultation as well as free evaluation.
In order to communicate with Mr. Tech Guy, you can send him an email showed on each page of this website. Also, company has Skype which is available for communication purposes. If you really like to talk to Mr. Tech Guy by phone, it will depend on your business requests.

Refund Policy
We do NOT provide refunds after the business transaction is complete. Because of possible legal consequences it might create for our business.
In order words, once the business transaction is complete, there will NOT be refunds.
If you have any problems and ideas, you should let Mr. Tech Guy know before the transaction is complete or the business request is followed. Of course, Mr. Tech Guy is willing to listen to your feedback and concerns if you are NOT satisfied. Based on these feedbacks and concerns, we are willing to improve and increase our performance for your needs. Thank you both reading this statement and understanding our policy.