Setting Up Your Network

When you open your office and need to set up your network, we do it for you! Creating a network setup plan based on your needs, location, the size of your office, and budget. We can help you transit your old network to new network in an easy way if you request. We also find cheapest network devices for your limited budget.

Network Security

Keeping Your Network Secure

Every network needs security, even your internal network needs one. If you think you can NOT do it by yourself, Mr. Tech Guy is here to provide the security your network needs.


Finding the Cheapest Hardware Parts and Installing it on Your Personal Computer or Computers

Let's say you like to build your desktop based on your needs, but... it's your first time you ever intend to setup one. No problem. We can help you setup your desktop by finding the right hardware with the right price. We also train you if you like to do it next time by yourself.


Helping You Setup Your Server

How could the World function WITHOUT servers? When you need to setup a server for your home, office and business, we do it for you.

Cloud Services

Find the Best Cloud Services and Set them Up for you

There are times real computers are too expensive to purchase for individuals and businesses. There are times applications and software become a heavy financial burden. Cloud Services might solve your problems and help you overcome your financial difficulties. If you don't know how to use or benefit it, why don't you contact us and find out?

Amazon Web Services

AWS - Amazon Web Services - is One of the Leading Cloud Service Providers

Mr. Tech Guy is specialized in AWS and willing to help you get both the best as well as affordable cloud services for you and your business!

Linux & BSD

Alternative Operating Systems to Windows and Mac OS

If you are NOT happy with super expensive licensing to use a Windows OS or Mac OS for your business and daily tasks, why not try alternatives? We have got your back!!! Mr Tech Guy can offer you what you just need: Linux OS or BSD. We also find alternative applications from your Windows or Mac OS if they are not available on Linux or BSD.

Web Development

Creating Your Websites For Your Business and Individuals

Website is almost the most important a business can use for itself and its customers. The first thing a customer or customers would see is a website that represents you on the net. And a website is very important for first impression when anyone visits it. With our professional design skills and your needs based on your budget, we develop and design a website you will be pleased to have. Pre-made or from Scratch, the choice is yours to make.

Logo and Graphic Design

Designing Your Logo and Graphics

Almost every business needs a Logo for their websites and office. If that's the case, Mr. Tech Guy is willing to help you. You can select pre-made logos or we can design it for you from scratch. The choice is yours.

Information Technology Management

Managing Your I.T. System and Employees

If you have an environment full of individual computers and networks, which becomes hard to manage and also costly to solve management problems. Just ask us when you want to overcome and take care of your environment. I.T. management is just our middle name and you get the help you are looking for.


Providing Maintenance for Your I.T. Infrastructure

Mr. Tech Guy is here to maintain your network, network security, servers, cloud, website, computer, and licensing of your software.

Data Design and Management

Designing Your Data System and Maintaining It for You

Without a decent database, how can anyone handle a massive amount of data? A business can NOT function if it does NOT design and maintain its database. We understand it is NOT easy or simple, but we are here to do it for you.


Creating Your Virtual Desktop

Sometimes, it is NOT easy to replace your old and legacy applications with new ones... No worries. There are solutions to make it happen. We set up older operating systems as a virtual machines - a computer system within your computer or computers - and emulators for your older applications. It's one time to set up and your business is good to go.


Providing Free Consultation and Helping You Find the Best Software for Your Business.

Starting your own business? Or you already have one? And you do NOT know what kind of applications or softwares you need for your daily tasks. If that's the case, why NOT let us help you and find the best applications regardless of your Operating System? Just contact us and we get the job done for you!

Open Source

Finding Alternatives for Your Expensive Operating Systems and Applications

When you tired of paying for expensive licensing to use your operating systems and applications, when your budget is so limited and small... BUT no worries. There are alternatives which are free and easy to setup. Just asks us and find out!

Project Management

Helping You with Your Project and Managing It

We understand that projects are NOT easy to manage and complete. It requires lots of resources and time to do so. With our expertise and techniques, we help you succeed in your never ending struggle and complete your projects for you.

Python and Ruby Development

Developing Your Applications for Your Business

Mr. Tech Guy is both Python and Ruby Developer. He can create your applications in Python and Ruby.

Education and Training

Educating You and Training Your Employees for Your I.T. Department

Our company is there to help when you need to train your employees and yourself for using technology and systems.